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Our Mattresses are of the best in Atlanta, serving all of metro Atlanta, from Stockbridge Ga. all the way to Winder Ga. Good-Mattress Inc. supplies to just about everybody! Our wide selection of styles and brands makes us a one stop shop for your mattress needs. We carry local manufactures as well as the national name brand manufacturers. If you want an affordable quality mattresses, closeout mattresses, or a great deal on a top of the line mattress “Now that’s a Good Mattress” Call Today!

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We're proud to present our newest addition to our family.

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We're proud to present our newest addition to our family.

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October 2020
Which Mattress Suits Your Body Type

There are a variety of factors to consider when you are shopping for an affordable mattress in Winder, Georgia. Some of these factors include personal preference, room size, and budget. Although, one of the most important factors that many people do not look into is the type and level of mattress…

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October 2020
Reasons to Choose a King Size Mattress

Once you have tried sleeping on a king size mattress, it won’t make you very happy going back to sleeping on a queen bed or even a double. Having all that space that comes with a king size mattress is luxurious. The standard measurement of an average king size mattress is around 76 inches wide and…

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September 2020
Buying A Mattress Isn't Always As Easy As Sleeping On It

There is nothing more relaxing after a day's work than snuggling between your blankets on a comfortable bed. However, before you can do this, you will have to undergo one hassling process - buying a mattress. This may not be much fun for the most part. You might think it easy, especially with all of…

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