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Reasons to Choose a King Size Mattress

October 19, 2020

Once you have tried sleeping on a king size mattress, it won’t make you very happy going back to sleeping on a queen bed or even a double. Having all that space that comes with a king size mattress is luxurious. The standard measurement of an average king size mattress is around 76 inches wide and 80 inches long. This is wider than a queen sized bed which is about 18 inches. It is also the size of two twin extra-long beds that are pushed together. Keep reading to discover why you should consider upgrading to a king size mattress:

mother on a king size mattress

    1. You share a bed: Whether you are sleeping with your partner, child, or pet, then you know exactly what it is like to share a bed. Your precious sleep is compromised because of all kinds of movements and positions that happen throughout the night. With a king size mattress, you can move comfortably even with someone sleeping beside you. You can have your own personal space without having to bump into each other.
    1. Perfect for cozy family time: If you have kids who love jumping into bed with you in the mornings, a king size mattress is big enough to accommodate more occupants. They are great for family breakfasts in bed, reading nighttime stories to your kids, or simply relaxing and enjoying a movie. On lazy weekends, the king size mattress can be a cozy place to lounge in and is a great alternative to the couch.
    1. You sprawl: If you are the type who spreads out, tosses around, and moves all around the bed, then a king size mattress is perfect for you. You can move as much as you like while still staying comfortable throughout your sleep.
    1. It gets humid: If the weather in your area is simply too hot or you tend to sweat at night, a king size mattress is a good choice so that you and your partner can have the space to keep you cool as you sleep.
    1. You will sleep like a baby: There is probably a good reason why you end up sleeping much better at hotels. This is because top hotels make use of king size mattresses.
    1. You sleep lightly: Having more room in your bed means more comfort. If your partner moves a lot or often wakes up throughout the night, then sleeping on a king size mattress will give you the advantage of not feeling those movements since the bed is so wide. An average person moves around 40 to 60 times a night, and with a wider sleeping surface, it can help minimize movement disturbances.
    1. You are plus-size: If you and/or your partner are on the heavier side, a king size mattress will be a good investment. You will benefit from a thicker mattress to give you the added support and you will sleep comfortably without feeling cramped.

These are only a few of the many reasons why you should consider purchasing a king size mattress. Good Mattress is your one stop site for all of your mattress needs. You can find a king size mattress that comes in different styles and brands. You can browse through their wide range of discount mattresses in Stockbridge, GA or one of their knowledgeable staff members can guide you. Call today!

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